Is CertSmart right for you?

If you’re a UK-based smaller business or start-up looking for UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification, CertSmart could be the most time and cost effective option for you.


Add value with UKAS accredited certification from a name you can trust.


Go through the certification process at your own pace using our safe, secure and easy-to-use technology.


Making ISO 9001 accessible to all businesses.

Prices start from £1,400*

Who is CertSmart for?

We designed CertSmart to provide smaller businesses with a straightforward, digital-first method of achieving accredited ISO 9001 certification.

We understand that smaller businesses and start-ups could be new to ISO 9001 and that time and resources may be limited. With CertSmart we use technology which enables you to go through the certification process at your own pace. It’s ideal for lower complexity, single-site businesses that don’t conduct product design work.

CertSmart covers the certification process. Before you can get started, you’ll need to design and implement a Quality Management System yourself or work with a reputable consultant who understands the standard.

What’s included?

If you’re new to certification or your organisation is still in its infancy, CertSmart is a logical option that focusses on the most important tasks and deliverables.

CertSmart takes a digital-first approach to certification. This includes performing Remote Audits wherever possible as well as providing quick and easy ways to retrieve a quote, pay for your service up-front and upload key documents before your audit.  It lets you set the pace, so you can go through the process at a timescale that works for you. 

This helps us to ensure that you get all the benefits of UKAS accredited certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd – at a more affordable price.

ISO 9001 certification is awarded to organisations that can demonstrate compliance with its requirements. This compliance is what sits at the very heart of CertSmart. As your business grows, you’ll see the real benefits of possessing that certification. To help your business unleash the full potential of ISO 9001 you’ll be able to switch to Lloyd’s Register’s standard certification services when the time is right. This will provide you with several benefits not available through CertSmart that will help you to go beyond compliance.

Service Deliverable
LR CertSmart
LR Standard
Invoice (after service delivery)
Pre-payment (paid annually)
Self-assessment questionnaire
Client portal – including analytics
Flexible initial assessment dates
Senior Auditor
Digital UKAS accredited certificate
Flexible surveillance audit dates
Audit date rearrangement fee

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