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How CertSmart works

From receiving your personalised quote to earning your certification – the end-to-end CertSmart process features five straightforward steps which have been designed to minimise disruption.

Define your readiness

Before you can start the CertSmart process, you’ll need to design and implement your Quality Management System (QMS) in line with the requirements of ISO 9001. You can do this yourself, or you can work with a reputable consultant who understands the standard.

Download the CertSmart checklist below to help you understand whether you’re ready to start the CertSmart process.

Download checklist

Five steps to ISO 9001 certification


1. Get your online quote

To provide the right service, we need to understand more about your business.

Using our interactive tool, we’ll ask you for some essential information upfront. You’ll then receive a personalised quote confirming what’s included in your price. When you’ve accepted your quote, we’ll send you a formal contract.


2. Pay online

As with all ISO standards, your certification will run in three-year cycles. We charge on an annual basis with your first year payment starting from as little as £1,192.50 – this is taken online when your contract is signed and covers your Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit. You’ll then receive an invoice from us annually covering the cost of that year’s surveillance visit.

If we find major nonconformities during your audit, we’ll need to carry out a follow-up. This will be done remotely and charged pro-rata based on the time required.

When you’ve signed your contract and completed your payment, we’ll confirm your audit date, which in most cases will be within four weeks.

3. Upload documentation

We’ll send you a username and password, together with a link to your personalised dashboard.

Here, you’ll find detailed instructions on the data, documents, and information we need you to upload before your audit.

4. Complete your audit

We ask you to upload important data, documents, and information so our expert auditors can review them without you needing to be present. This digital, self-serve approach is highly efficient and helps us to charge a more affordable price.


Understanding your certification cycle

Your Stage 1 audit will be completed remotely. You’ll receive an invite from your auditor inviting you to an opening meeting which usually takes place on Microsoft Teams. It’s essential that you’re available for the whole day so that your auditor can request more information if it’s required.

Your Stage 2 audit will be completed on-site, as required by UKAS. Both stages give you access to best-in-class auditors with no compromise on quality or insights.

You’ll receive an audit report that will detail your assessment’s outcome, key findings, and any areas for improvement.

5. Receive your certification

When approval is given, you’ll receive your UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certificate. This will demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you’re committed to meeting their needs and expectations through best practice quality management and continual improvement.

UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification can also open up new business opportunities. For example, in many industries, it is considered a requirement to trade.